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Tai Chi & Qigong with Sifu Graham Pritchard -taichiswindon

Professional and Award Winning Tai Chi & Qigong Instructor since 1996

 (Senior Instructor of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain)

Graham Pritchard Tai Chi
Tai Chi fan
Tai Chi Old Town Gardens Swindon

Discover the joy of Tai Chi and Qigong with Graham Pritchard, your expert guide since 1996! Join the thousands who have embraced these ancient arts at major businesses, schools, hospitals, gyms, nursing homes, natural health clinics, community centers, and even in the serene setting of parks. Graham's passion for teaching shines through as he shares the transformative power of Tai Chi with people from all walks of life and abilities. Become part of a vibrant community and experience the positive impact Tai Chi can have on your everyday life. Join us and make Tai Chi an indispensable part of your well-being journey!

"Tai Chi is often described as "meditation in motion" but it might well be called "medication in motion." There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice has value in treating or preventing many health problems."


-Harvard Medical Health Publication, 05/09​

Graham Pritchard

 Personalized tuition offers a unique opportunity to receive tailored guidance, adapting the teachings to your individual needs, goals, and physical condition. With Graham's extensive background, his intimate understanding of your progress ensures that each movement, each breath, is a step towards your personal transformation.


In this one-on-one setting, his friendly and gentle humor not only makes learning enjoyable but also fosters a sense of trust and camaraderie, creating an atmosphere where questions are welcomed, challenges are embraced, and breakthroughs are celebrated.

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