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Sports Massage Therapy

Graham Pritchard LCSP (PHYS)
Professional Sports Masseur since 1997

In my sports massage Swindon practice I offer a unique range of advanced sports massage techniques. Since qualifying as a sports massage therapist in 1997 I have done thousands of documented sports massage treatments to people from all walks of life.  I started my sports massage practice at the Health Hydro in Swindon in 1998. These days I practice from my home clinic just 2 minutes walk from the Health Hydro.

Advanced sports massage is not just simply massage but involves a thorough and comprehensive analysis of how each body part interacts and affects the whole; how we are holding on to tension in our bodies, how the simple and chronic gripping with the feet, for example, can give birth to a multitude of different symptoms and how best to release these.

I am passionate about my work and believe each client I treat deserves the very best that I can give.  I run a thriving sports massage practice based mostly upon referrals from satisfied clients and fellow therapists.
Skillfully applied sports massage can help recover pain-free function and aid general well-being
I am a full member of the LCSP register of remedial masseurs and manipulative therapists.

LCSP is the largest and oldest established organisation of remedial massage practitioners in private practice in the U.K today. 

For more details please visit my Swindon Sports massage website at:
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