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My First Tai Chi Class


Is Tai Chi for me? What do I wear? What happens in the classes? Can anyone practice Tai Chi?




Is Tai Chi for Me?


If you are looking for a gentle yet powerful exercise system that has been tried and tested for hundreds of years then Tai Chi could be for you. People from all walks of life, ages and abilites find Tai Chi to be their perfect exercise system. Our friendly and supportive classes are the perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of modern life.


What do I wear?

Wear loose, comfortable clothing, perhaps T-Shirt and track suit bottoms with trainers. If you wish you can order a uniform from the teacher.


What happens in the classes?


Each Tai Chi class begins with loosening exercises designed to open up the joints and relax tight muscles. You will then learn gentle stretching exercises to help improve flexibility and muscle strength, followed by a set of ancient exercises known as qigong. Some of these forms are said to be thousands of years old. After the initial qigong warm-up you will then be introduced to the Tai Chi form. Each week you will learn a new movement from the Tai Chi sequence. With practice you will learn the entire sequence until you are suffiently capable of practicing at home, in your own time, if you so choose.

Do I have to be fit already?


No. You do not have to be fit already.  Although Tai Chi is seen as a very gentle exercise system you will feel as if you have had a great workout yet without the strain that often accompanies more intense physical regimes. If you have pressing health concerns please visit your doctor to get his permission before starting these classes.

Tai Chi group photo with fan
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