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​Graham is the best tutor anyone could wish for, always calm and patient, welcoming and inspiring, helping one to achieve one's best with out pressurising anyone beyond their capabilities. His classes are always great fun and relaxed. Other class members are friendly and supportive. I feel so much better both physically and mentally for attending these classes, so Graham is due a great big thank you from me.​

Judy Rouse (Swindon)​

I joined Graham's Tai Chi class two years ago whilst looking for ways to relieve stress and add some exercise to my life.​

I have always been the fat girl with glasses and no coordination that hides at the back of the room in case she is laughed at, a belief that has been with me since school days and I'm certainly not a kid anymore! ​

Graham is extremely patient and does not put pressure on anyone to do more than they feel capable of. This makes his classes relaxed, friendly and suitable for people of all ages and abilities. He also has a wealth of Tai Chi related stories and a good sense of humour. ​

After attending classes for a very short time I could see an improvement in my balance; that I am still attending an exercise based class after two years is a testament to Graham in itself.   ​

Thank you Graham for your commitment to your Art and the enthusiasm you engender in your students. I cannot recommend your classes enough. ​

Margot (Covingham, Swindon)​

I have had the pleasure of studying with Graham over many years, and greatly enjoy his classes which mix a light hearted approach with excellent Tai Chi teaching.  Classes feel friendly and supportative, (even when I managed to throw a tai chi fan across the training room), which enables me to feel comfortable and concentrate upon improving, rather than worrying for fear of making mistakes. No matter how weary I may feel after the working day, I always leave Graham's class feeling more centred and positive. I would highly recommend Grahams classes to anyone interested in Tai Chi or Chi Gung.​

 Kingsley Hodgkinson (Gorse Hill, Swindon)​

A Tai chi student of 2 years now and from the begining Graham has been supportive,  open to questions and is not frightened to be with his class rather than just teaching it.   Graham's class I find to be fun & interesting!        ​

Richard Foster. (Swindon)​

I joined Graham classes a few months ago and feel that classes are very friendly, relaxing, and well coordinated.
Tai Chi has become a part of me. I look forward to each class every week.'​

Diana Cabral (Swindon)​

I started Tai Chi classes over a year ago, following a shoulder injury, which meant going to the gym and even swimming were out of the question.​

 I wasn't too sure what to expect at first, but after the very first class, I knew this was for me!! It is a very gentle exercise, which builds not only  flexibilityand strength , but  also leaves you feeling calm and relaxed.​

 The ultimate "mind/body workout" for today's stressful life!​

  Graham is an experienced teacher who adjusts the pace of each class according to those who are least experienced.   I would say to any one who is thinking of starting Tai Chi classes to come along and experince this for your self.​

Birgit Powell (Swindon) 

Tai Chi Student Testimonials

​​Learn to respond to the challengies of life with a deep sense of calm, joy and a spring in your step. Find a deep and lasting contentment that you bring with you in every moment.
-Graham Pritchard
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