About Your Teacher Graham Pritchard


Graham is simply the real deal; a knowledgeable teacher who is enthusiastic, yet calm and patient. In all the years I've trained with him he has always remained professional, friendly and positive. I can't think of a single lesson that I haven't enjoyed with him no matter how frustrating it can get sometimes when I can't quite grasp a movement. Graham is always there with encouragement and a smile which makes training with him a pleasure and I look forward to our classes together.​

Natalie Shaw.​

(National Gold & Silver Medalist, Yang Style Tai Chi)

 Since the age of twelve, I have been fascinated with Yoga and the practice of meditation. I have been fortunate to have trained with masters of the art of meditation, eventually becoming a teacher of this wonderful and life-affirming practice. Tai Chi is said to be the art of moving meditation.


In 1991 ​I began to study Chinese internal martial arts. Initially, I studied in a rare and traditional system known as Wu-Ji. ​

After over 4 years of studying Wu-Ji I found Yang style Tai Chi and immersed myself in this study under the expert tuition of Tai Chi and Kung Fu Gold medallist Master Andrew Austin.​ In 1996 Master Andrew invited me to start teaching my own Tai Chi classes.




















Graham's teacher since 1995, Master Andrew Austin (click on photo to visit Andrew's website).


Now, with over 20 years of practice of internal arts I continue to study with Master Andrew Austin and other famous Tai Chi masters.

I have also studied in Choy Lai Fut, Wing Chun and traditional Kung Fu systems. These days my focus is purely upon Tai Chi Chuan.​


Most of the people who attend my classes do so because they want to feel calm, relaxed and healthy in body, mind and spirit. They want to practice an exercise system that is not destructive to their bodies and one which they can continue to practice into old age; enjoying the grace, wisdom and balanced perspective that regular practice of Tai Chi offers


The heart of Tai Chi, as I see it and teach it, is a spiritual way of being.

Awards and Commendations


I was assessed in the following forms by Professor Li Deyin (one of the hundred most treasured martial arts masters in China), Master Wang Yanji (3 times Hsing I world push hands champion), Simon Watson (tai chi gold medalist and former British Wu Shu team coach) and Richard Watson (founder of Longfei Taiji) and Master Faye Yip (Deyin Taiji, one of Europe's leading Taiji masters) :


  • 2002  24 step Yang form - Distinction

  • 2004 32 step Tai Chi Sword - Credit

  • 2005  Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan Form - Distinction

  • 2007  88 forms Traditional Long Yang Form - Distinction


  • 2007  Instructors Distinction with the MASTARR National Training Programme.

  • ​2008 awarded a Commitment and Contribution Award for his dedication to Chinese Martial Arts by Zheng Dao Lo Martial Arts Academy.​

  • 2009 awarded a Dedication & Loyalty award by Zheng Dao Lo Martial Arts Academy

Graham receiving distinction from Professor Li Deyin (one of China's most famous Tai Chi Masters)

for his performance of the 88 forms of Yang Style Tai Chi


Graham Pritchard is a Senior Instructor of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain

Head Instructor of Zheng Dao Lo Martial Arts Academy

Accredited Instructor of Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong

Andrew Austin Tai Chi teacher
Graham Pritchrd and Faye Yip

Graham with Tai Chi Master Faye Yip